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Bierer ST800 Electrical Test Meter 800 Amp, Digital, 120V to 480V Range
Part Number: 970652373

0 – 40kV analog voltage detector with proximity test and backlight, hook probe straight probe, universal/grip-all adapter, manual, case
Part Number: 970547249

Part Number: 970248180

Part Number: 970248179

Bierer 81280 Analog Phasing Voltmeter/Voltage Detector, 300 volt – 25kV
Part Number: 970408181

Hook probe adapter AHP = Adapter Hook Probe
Part Number: 970310121

15kV – 25kV load break bushing adapter, small interface ABL = Adapter Bushing Small
Part Number: 970265150

Bierer 83280 Analog Phasing Voltmeter/Voltage Detector, 300 volt – 35kV
Part Number: 970466355

Non-contact URD and Overhead voltage indicator, manual, small bag.
Part Number: 970248220

All special or custom made direct contact or non-contact AV Meters
Part Number: 970416390

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