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Peavey Manufacturing QE-015-096-0903 8' Post Hole Digger Handles, Full Round
Part Number: 970733006

Peavey Manufacturing QE-019-108-0862 1-3/4" x 9' Tapered Handle for Spoons and Shovels
Part Number: 970740754

Peavey Manufacturing S-007-072-0885 1" x 6' Digging & Crow Bar
Part Number: 970733088

Peavey Manufacturing S-007-191-0880 8' Tamping and Digging Bar
Part Number: 970742290

Made from 1 inch hexagon steel. The bar is forged into a 2 inch chisel for digging and the crowbar is forged to a pencil point.
Part Number: 970708774

Peavey Manufacturing T-029-048-0174 2-1/2 x 48" Cant Hook
Part Number: 970731626

Peavey Manufacturing T-029-054-L175 2-3/8" x 54" Cant Hook
Part Number: 970747081

Peavey Manufacturing T-029-060-0124 2-3/8 X 5' Peavey Standard Lumber Hook with Point
Part Number: 970746101

Peavey Manufacturing T-029-060-0176 60" Cant Hook w/ 2-3/8" Dia. Hardwood Handle
Part Number: 970732982

Peavey Manufacturing T-029-066-0177 2-3/8" x 66" Cant Hook
Part Number: 970741290

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