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Salibury SC6G Spade Cover, Class II Type, 3" x 6" x 10", 1.25 Lip Extension, Grey
Part Number: 970689220

Salisbury 03403 Adapter, Convertible U/Q for A.B. Chance Dead End Insulator
Part Number: 970129091

Salisbury 117 High Voltage Cable End Cap Orange Salcor
Part Number: 970709602

Salisbury 12578CH Fiberglass Hot Switch Sticks, Dbl Ended, 6'6" Length
Part Number: 970399301

Salisbury 12578HE Toggle Handle Fiberglass Clampsticks, 6'6" Length
Part Number: 970310874

Salisbury 1309D Wire Hanger Without Insulators
Part Number: 970741207

Salisbury 133 Transformer Gin Assembly
Part Number: 970259090

Air Gap® Pole Guards are installed before setting new poles to guard against accidental line contact. They also guard against pole contacts by personnel working in insulating aerial buckets or on platforms.
Part Number: 970259014

Salisbury 1520006-U Test Point Cleaner
Part Number: 970558655

Salisbury 173 High Voltage Cable End Cap, Orange, 6" Length
Part Number: 970059028

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