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Preserved, buffered, pH balanced, saline solution. Cartridge takes less than 5 minutes to install. Available for the Fendall Pure Flow 1000.
Part Number: 970664507

24 unit steel unitized first aid kit for the Construction industry
Part Number: 970717756

Honeywell now offers a full assortment of First Aid Kits compliant with the latest ANSI revision, including bulk, unitized, stations and refills.
Part Number: 970704475

Ideal for manufacturing settings where a wide variety of first aid items are required.
Part Number: 970693879

The Miller Relief Step Safety Device alleviates the effects of orthostatic intolerance,also known as suspension trauma.
Part Number: 970138540

Honeywell 20795 First Aid Bandaid
Part Number: 970680292

Honeywell 021201 First Aid PVP Wipes
Part Number: 970680294

Honeywell 021202ST First Aid Sting Relief
Part Number: 970680290

Honeywell Safety 010698-3744 First Aid Kit
Part Number: 990113113

XpressCool™ lining keeps feet cooler and comfortable in temperatures sub freezing to 95° F, 4mm CR flex-foam bootie, 100% waterproof, steel toe, Spandura® coating for added protection, vibram outsole, etc® sock liner
Part Number: 970736620

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