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Part Number: 970135052

Part Number: 970133105

Paslode A12625 1200/Box 1-3/4" 9 Gauge Barbed Staple
Part Number: 970655839

Paslode A12900 Fuel Cylinder For Staple Gun
Part Number: 970655453

Stock-Ade ST152100 Heavy Duty Fencing Staples, Sold Per Box 2100 Qty (For Stock-Ade ST Series ST152000) 1.5" x 10.5" Galvanized
Part Number: 970655452

The Cordless ST315i stapler has revolutionized batten stapling. It can make it safer and faster than using a hammer and is the ideal tool for stapling battens. It is compatible with 10½ ga (3.15mm) diameter 1¼” (33mm) and 1½" (40mm) long staples.
Part Number: 970655449

Stockade A12635 2" ST400 9 Gauge Barbed Staples, Galvanized, 1000 Staples Per Box
Part Number: 970704539

The Stockade staple gun is a highly durable and powerful fence tool which eliminates the need to manually hammer fence staples for wire fence construction.
Part Number: 970491183

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