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Adult Powerheart G3 defibrillation pads are stored connected to the AED; a technology developed by Cardiac Science to expedite the rescue process and help ensure electrodes are Rescue Ready.
Part Number: 970168074

The medical grade Intellisense battery is the power behind the Powerheart G3 AED. This dependable battery is tested rigorously at Cardiac Science and then tested each day it is installed in your Powerheart G3 AED ensure readiness.
Part Number: 900050540

Includes fully automatic AED Plus, one set of adult electrodes (CPR-D-padz), sleeve of batteries, carry case, and medical prescription Fully Automatic Package is available as P/N 8000-004000-01
Part Number: 970530060

One piece adult electrode pad with Real CPR Help®. Supplied with gloves, barrier mask, scissors, razor, wet wipe and dry wipe. Five (5) year shelf-life
Part Number: 970640775

Small Pelican Case - Small waterproof hard case with cut-outs for AED Plus only. Its high-density foam provides total protection from the rigors of impact, vibration and shock.
Part Number: 970620671

9” deep cabinet designed to hold AED Plus in a carry case with spare electrodes
Part Number: 970464025

Type 123A Lithium Batteries, quantity of ten (10) with storage sleeve
Part Number: 970640777

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