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Rubber Insulating Gloves

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Part Number: 970739705

Part Number: 900040042

Part Number: 970071579

Part Number: 900040034

Part Number: 900040038

This sleeve bag is made from heavy canvas fabric. It is tapered from 9" at the top to 7" at the bottom. There is a flap over the opening secured with snap fasteners. On the back of the bag there is a quick release snap for belt attachment.
Part Number: 970510101

Crafted to fit properly over all industry-standard rubber insulating gloves.Full compliance with ASTM F696 Standard Specification for Leather Protectors for Rubber Insulating Gloves and Mittens.Cowhide.Hi-visibility polymeric/leather cuff.Nylon strap.
Part Number: 970567200

Born of a need to let the lineman get closer to his work, Chance EHV Barehand Conductive Clothing replaces hand tools on the end of 16-foot Epoxiglas® poles.Allows them to work with their hand on the conductor hardware.
Part Number: 970308033

Part Number: 970292526

Part Number: 970454595

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