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Aerial Bucket Accessories

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Aerial Apron Canvas (9 Pockets)
Part Number: 900050925

070310109 Weldment Componet Strap, Boom Hold Down
Part Number: 070310109

070420206 Vinyl 2 Man Platform/Controller Cover
Part Number: 070420206

070420948 Oversized Vinyl Platform Cover for TA Series
Part Number: 070420948

0706-80631 Vinyl Platform Cover and Brake, 24" x 30" in Derrick
Part Number: 070680631

9706- 53042 1 Man Cover, White, No Logo, W/ Elastic Cord And Lanyard
Part Number: 970653042

27X1069STEN Strap Ratchet 10' Long 1" Wide 800 LB Hooks With Safety Latch Grey With Black Altec Stencil
Part Number: 970053111

2VKP9 Tie-Down Ratchet Strap 2" Width x 30' Length 3333 LB Load Limit Yellow
Part Number: 970663514

Our new rated aerial bucket hook is bright orange in color for quick and easy inspection, and doesmore than merely hold your buckets and aprons; it also provides load-bearing anchor points with aworking load limit of 65 lbs each.
Part Number: 970683844

These hooks are an injection molded part, which insures strength and consistent quality. They have high break strength and are resistant to cold weather.
Part Number: 970231121

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