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Swivel Hooks

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Crosby 8-S-1 (297413) Swivel Hook & downhaul Weight 8.50 Ton 8-S-1 Load Line
Part Number: 023421007

Crosby S-3319 (1002054) 1.63 Ton Utility Swivel Hook (9/16" - 5/8" Rope)
Part Number: 970030857

Swivel Hook Forged Alloy Steel .875-1.062 Synthetic Rope Cap 4.5 Metric Ton WLL (9920 LBS) Non-rotating Under Load Includes hook Latch
Part Number: 970015178

Crosby S-4320 Safety Latch Kit Replacement Part for 23421042 Swivel Hook
Part Number: 970129469

Eagle Line Tools HL-3 Swivel Anchor Hook Replacement Part
Part Number: 970729759

Johnson’s exclusive J-Latch is a uniquely engineered hook latch system providing outstanding flexibility and durability.
Part Number: 900047178

The Klein Tools 750 lb. 1/2 in. Steel Swivel Hook with Plunger Latch is made from forged steel. It can hold up to 750 lb. The swivel action of the clevis allows smooth rotation to help prevent accidental fouling into secondary wires.
Part Number: 970479285

Swivel Hook 2700-8000 With Nylite Spool & Shield (For .375" TO .5" Dia Rope) 1 Ton
Part Number: 023421023

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