Other Help Topics

Is the new Altec Connect available to customers outside the United States and Canada?
At this time, customers outside the United States and Canada customers should call 1-877-GO ALTEC and press Option 1 to place orders.

How can I request a Supply Catalog?
You can fill out a request form to have a supply catalog mailed to you, or you can download a PDF of the supply catalog.

How can I get information about custom truck kits and what Altec offers?
Altec Supply understands that outfitting your truck should be efficient! Developing a custom truck kit based on your specifications is easy. Simply contact your Altec Supply Account Manager or call 1-877-GO ALTEC (1-877-462-5832) and specify the items you require (we even have pre-selected truck kits to choose from) and Altec Supply's team will coordinate the rest. Once a truck kit is established to meet your customized needs, it may be ordered again (and even modified) easily.