Wanner Engineering Hydra-Cell D10K52THFEC Fluid End Repair Kit

  • Media
$252.35 each


Contains the replacement valves and diaphgrams for the D10 pump.

Part Number: 970726827
Mfg Part Number: D10K52THFEC
Brand: Wanner Engineering

The Wanner Engineering Hydra-Cell D10K52THFEC fluid end repair kit contains the replacement valves and diaphragms for the Hydracell D10 pump.


Kit Contents:

  • Instructions
  • Threadlocker
  • 3ea  D10-018-2320 Buna diaphgram
  • 3ea D10-047-2110 follower o-ring
  • 1ea  D10-074-2110 outer manifold o-ring
  • 1ea D10-073-2110 inner manifold o-ring
  • 1ea  D10-083-2110 center bolt o-ring
  • 6ea  D10-035-2110 valve seat o-ring
  • 6ea D10-020-1010 stainless steel valve seat
  • 6ea D10-021-1015 stainless steel valve
  • 6ea D10-022-3117 elgiloy valve spring
  • 6ea D10-023-2310 celcon valve spring retainer
  • 6ea D10-092-2110 buna tetra seal

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