Hubbell Power Systems C3031689 Torque Indicators, Base Indicator w/ Wireless Display Screen

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Part Number: 970637127
Mfg Part Number: C3031689
Brand: Hubbell Power Systems

Torque Indicators

Base Unit

Wireless Display

Data Logger

Using the Wireless Chance® Torque Indicator, you can install screw anchors to a pre-determined torque value, which gives a positive indication of anchor holding capacity in any soil type. The handheld Wireless Data Logger gives real time information on torque while storing for easy download.

The Indicator mounts between the Kelly bar adapter and drive tool (or locking dog assembly). The LCD display is easy to read in full daylight and gives the operator a direct readout of installation torque at all times.

Key Benefits:

  • Operational temperature range: -30° to 80°C (-22° to 175° F)
  • Accuracy: ±500ft-lb at any reading
  • Torque is measured using strain gauges
  • Torque displays from 500 ft-lb to 30,000 ft-lb in 100 ft-lb increments
  • o Maximum torque rating 30,000 ft-lb. Indicators calibrated to 20,000 ft-lb
  • No shear pins to replace
  • Powered by a standard 9V battery
  • Base unit with wireless display
    • Torque is displayed on Base Unit and on Wireless Display
    • Multiple Wireless Display units can be linked to Base Unit
    • Solid one-piece spool design to withstand bending loads. Top and bottom flange, each provides six holes tapped 1/2"- 13 on a 5-1/4" bolt circle and twelve holes tapped 5/8"- 11 on a 7-5/8" bolt circle.
  • Data Logger
    • Torque displayed on Data Logger
    • Torque and GPS data recorded and saved on Data Logger
    • Data downloadable from Data Logger to computer spreadsheet
Catalog Number Description
C3031689 Base Indicator with Wireless Display Screen
C3031690 Data Logger
C3031723 Wireless Display Screen
C3031724 Indicator Kit
(Base Indicator with Wireless Display Screen and Data Logger)

NOTE: Electronic Torque Indicator is not recommended in heavy, rocky soil applications.

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