Twistarp 6' X 6"

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$170.48 each


Part Number: 970205725
Mfg Part Number: TWISTARP 6X6
Brand: Twistarp

What is TWISTARP™ and who is it intended for? 

TWISTARP™ is a certified, load-rated lifting tarpdesigned to improve safety and working conditions for linemen and utility workers who dig holes for utility poles. It was designed by a 35-year veteran Line Foreman who saw a need to reduce the risk of injury and lessen the difficulty of the work that is required to produce a satisfactory, clean job.

What does it do for workers?

TWISTARP™ reduces muscle strains, sprains, and other injuries by improving work position and eliminating high repetitive forces associated with the demanding physical labor of utility work. TWISTARP™ and the truck or backhoe does the backbreaking work of moving dirt when setting utility poles. The job is done more safely and with less physical effort, reducing exhaustion and injuries to the employee.

What does it do for Crew Managers?

TWISTARP™ saves time filling holes, moving materials, and cleaning up by assisting the crew to complete the job more efficiently and to get to the next job ahead of schedule. Filling in around poles becomes easy, fast, and simple. Ditch banks, weeds, and tall grasses are no longer a struggle. More time can be spent installing new overhead and underground utilities and maintaining existing utilities. In the process, saving utility contractors many man hours.

TWISTARP™ helps your image! TWISTARP™ keeps residential lawns, driveways, sidewalks, and streets clean. Maintaining good customer relations is important in the utility

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