Pengo 157406 Heavy Duty Auger Pilot Bullet Bit RR-API/C20

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Pengo 157406 Heavy Duty Auger Pilot Bullet Bit RR-API/C20

Part Number: 701705046
Mfg Part Number: 157406
Brand: Pengo Corporation

Pengo Pilot and Screw Bit Assemblies.  Pengo's Triflow 1000 Patented Pilot Bit, Three fluted design for longer wear, for use with Pengo Pressure Digger, Foundation, ACIP Dirt Augers and Cast Dirt Head Kits.  P-1650 Series for use with MD Augers in typical dirt drilling conditions.  Center Point for use with MD Augers in fraturable Rock conditions.  Screw Bits are for use with MD Borings Heads in dirt, abrasive, frozen soil and low impact applications.  Rock Ripper Bits for use with MD Rock Ripper® Auger system in hard rock applications.  Tungsten Carbide Head for use with Step Rock Augers.  Pilot Bit Adapters for use with MD Auger Pilot Bits.

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