Murphy M-Sling ENR7x12 Endless Round Sling, Blue, 12' Synthetic Rigging Crane Lifting Belt

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Murphy M-Sling ENR7x12 Endless Round Sling, Blue, 12' Synthetic Rigging Crane Lifting Belt

This item cannot be ordered online but please call us at 1-877-GO-ALTEC, option 1 to place an order.

Part Number: 970731389
Mfg Part Number: ENR7x12

M-Sling Endless Round Sling/ Lifting Belts: These crane lifting belts are light weight and pliable the polyester round sling offers great versatility able to make lifts of a variety of materials. Endless round slings may be used in a vertical, choker or basket type hitch. Round Slings are constructed of a continuous loop of polyester fibers enclosed in a double layer polyester jacket. Normal cover wear does not affect the sling strength. The jacket protects the load bearing core of the round sling from abrasion, dirt and ultraviolet degradation. Wear points of the lifting strap can be moved around to extend sling life. The lifting bands are extremely flexible with limited stretch. Industrial slings are susceptible to cuts, punctures and abrasion damage, as well as damage from temperatures above 200°F. Your heavy duty sling should be protected from sharp edges, sharp projections and heat sources such as steam pipes, open flame and welding splatter. *!* NEVER EXCEED THE WORKING LOAD LIMIT *!* WLL: Vertical -21,200 lbs Choker -17,000 lbs Basket -42,400 lbs.
  • Industrial Sling life extended through rotation of bearing points
  • Load belt and slings are soft and pliable - conforms well to irregularly shaped loads
  • Load sling is double Jacket protects load-bearing fibers
  • Red striped core yarns visually warn of lifting sling damage
  • Industrial lifting straps and slings are tagged and color coded for easy identification
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