Wright Tool 412 11 Piece 6 Pt. Deep Impact Socket (1/2" Drive)

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$140.18 each


The patented 6-point Wright Drive is, in effect, a careful blending of Wright’s 12-point design with the heavy-duty gripping characteristics of a traditional 6-point wrench opening.

Part Number: 970226762
Mfg Part Number: 412
Brand: Wright Tool Company

  • The patented 6-point Wright Drive is, in effect, a careful blending of 12-point design with the heavy-duty gripping characteristics of a traditional 6-point wrench opening. It offers many of the same advantages of the 12-point design, including greater strength, more torque and reduced rounding of the fastener corners. Patent No. 5,284,073
  • The main advantage of the 6-pt. design is its gripping power. The Wright Drive’s minor circle diameter, which is a measure of the ability to grip an undersized fastener, is exactly the same as a traditional 6-point opening. The smaller the diameter, the better the grip on undersized fasteners and fasteners with badly rounded corners


  • 4912 - 3/8" 6 Pt. Deep Impact Socket
  • 4914 - 7/16" 6 Pt. Deep Impact Socket
  • 4916 - 1/2" 6 Pt. Deep Impact Socket
  • 4918 - 9/16" 6 Pt. Deep Impact Socket
  • 4920 - 5/8" 6 Pt. Deep Impact Socket
  • 4922 - 11/16" 6 Pt. Deep Impact Socket
  • 4924 - 3/4" 6 Pt. Deep Impact Socket
  • 4926 - 13/16" 6 Pt. Deep Impact Socket
  • 4928 - 7/8" 6 Pt. Deep Impact Socket
  • 4930 - 15/16" 6 Pt. Deep Impact Socket
  • 4932 - 1" 6 Pt. Deep Impact Socket
  • W013 - Rail
  • W4 - 11 Clips


  • Users and bystanders must wear safety goggles
  • To avoid possible eye injury from flying objects, safety goggles or equivalent protection conforming to ANSI Z87.1 shall be worn and kept clean by the user and all persons in the immediate area where any tool is being used
  • Do not hold impact sockets, universal joints or extensions while an impact tool is running. Serious hand injury can occur
  • 3/4” drive and larger drive size impact sockets require the use of a ret ring or a Pin & O-ring to secure the socket to the driving square
  • Never use a nail or homemade pin for holding a socket in place
  • Never exceed the manufacturer’s gun pressure rating
  • Impact sockets are to be used to turn (tighten or loosen) fasteners while being driven by a power, impact or hydraulic driver
  • Never dwell on a socket after it has stopped running. This can damage both the socket and the fastener
  • Place the socket all the way on the fastener before starting the gun
  • Adaptor strength is limited to the smallest drive square member
  • Mind the joints between the gun and fasteners for less loss of torque and less wear
  • Use the correct size socket, do not use metric sockets on inch fasteners or inch sockets on metric fasteners, because the fit is not good enough. Do not use hex sockets on square fasteners or square sockets on hex fasteners
  • Never use sockets as a driver for hex or square bits or shafts
  • Large drive impact sockets are inherently heavy and care needs to be taken during handling
  • Socket opening configurations shall be inspected before each use and their use discontinued at the first sign of significant wrenching surface deterioration
  • Inspect and discard worn or cracked sockets
  • Number of Pieces - 11
  • Drive Size - 1/2"

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