Wright Tool 1436 1-1/8" Service Wrench (30° Angle)

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The higher-strength, anti-slip design delivers more torque while increasing tool life. The improvements make loosening and tightening fasteners easier and more efficient.

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Part Number: 970321305
Mfg Part Number: 1436
Brand: Wright Tool Company

  • The higher-strength, anti-slip design delivers more torque while increasing tool life. The improvements make loosening and tightening fasteners easier and more efficient
  • The back end of the wrench opening is slightly enlarged. The additional metal in this highstress area helps stiffen the wrench jaws, thus decreasing the chance of their spreading under heavy loads. The modified U-shaped feature on the back end further reduces stress and improves performance
  • WrightGrip also incorporates strategically placed teeth on the insides of the wrench’s two jaws, allowing for better seating and a tighter grip of the wrench on the fastener. One fastener corner locks into the groove to increase torque and prevent slippage under load
  • The design provides 50% more strength and longer service life than Wright’s traditional wrenches, with no increase in the tool’s outside dimensions. When compared with other manufacturers’ high-quality wrenches, the improvement in strength is as high as 80%. Not only does WrightGrip save wear and tear on the wrenches and fasteners, but it also helps spare your knuckles from getting scraped
Safety -
  • Users and bystanders must wear safety goggles
  • To avoid possible eye injury from flying objects, safety goggles or equivalent protection conforming to ANSI Z87.1 shall be worn and kept clean by the user and all persons in the immediate area where any tool is being used
  • Comfort or plastic grips on handles are not intended to give any degree of protection against electric shock and shall not be used on or near live electric circuits
  • Wrenches are to be used by hand only. Do not use cheater bars or any other means of increasing leverage. The only wrenches that can be struck with a hammer are striking wrenches
  • Never use wrenches for prying or as a hammer
  • Never expose any wrench to excessive heat, which may change the hardness or microstructure and ruin the tool
  • Wrenches are to be used to turn (tighten and loosen) fasteners
  • Users shall apply a controlled force with a stance adjusted and braced to prevent rapid bodily movement or a fall if sudden release occurs
  • Use the correct size wrench, do not use metric wrenches on inch fasteners or inch wrenches on metric fasteners, because the fit is not good enough
  • Always be sure to fully seat an open-end wrench on the nut or bolt
  • Adjustable wrenches need to be tightly adjusted to fit the nut with the force applied to the fixed jaw. Never use adjustable wrenches for the initial breaking loose of a “frozen” fastener or for final tightening
  • Pipe wrenches are designed to turn or hold pipe; never use a pipe wrench to bend, raise or lift a pipe. Do not use pipe wrenches on square stock
  • Inspect each pipe wrench or adjustable wrench before use for worn or broken teeth, thumbscrews or jaws and discard if deteriorated
  • Inspect and discard bent, worn or cracked wrenches
  • Wrench opening configurations shall be inspected before each use and their use discontinued at the first sign of significant wrenching surface deterioration
  • Wrenches shall not be used when jaws are sprung to the point slippage may occur
  • Nom. Size - 1-1/8"
  • Length - 7-1/4"
  • 'B' Size - 2-1/16"
  • 'C' Size - 7/32"
  • Angle - 30° Angle

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