Greenlee EK425LK22 Crimping Tool with CJK Jaws with 230 Volt Battery Charger

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$2,198.43 each


Part Number: 970705668
Mfg Part Number: 783310520368, EK425LK22, 52036,
Brand: Greenlee Textron Inc.

  • The EK425L is operated with one hand, leaving the other hand free to position the cable and connector
  • The crimping jaws open wide to fit easily over connectors
  • To help prepare for a crimp, the jaws can be jogged closed until they just grip the connector, allowing the operator to position the cable in the connector before finishing the crimp
  • The EK425L will complete about 325 crimps per battery charge on 4/0 AWG splices
  • When a crimp is fully completed, the EK425L signals the operator by automatically opening the jaws
  • It is then ready to make the next crimp
  • And, when the crimping jaws need to be opened before a crimp is complete, the operator can simply push a button on the back side of the tool
  • Intelligent Crimping System Technology includes a pressure sensor that monitors the crimping force of each crimp and provides the operator a visual and audible alert if the force is below specifications


  • 5/8" Service Entrance Connectors 10-1/0 AWG
  • .840 Service Entrance Connectors 1/0-4/0 AWG
  • Aluminum “H” Taps 6-4/0 AWG Copper “H” Taps 10-2 AWG
  • Copper Tension Splices 6-2/0 AWG
  • All Aluminum Tension Splices 6-4/0 AWG
  • One Piece ACSR Tension Splices 4-1/0 AWG
  • Two Piece ACSR Tension Splices 2 AWG-477 kcmil
  • Aluminum Jumper Splices 4 AWG-266.8 kcmil
  • Stirrups 2-4/0 AWG
  • Aluminum color-coded lugs and splices 8-4/0 AWG


  • CJD3BG Greenlee® KD6 Series 
  • CJD30 FCI Burndy® W, X Series
  • CJD3  Ilsco® ND Series
  • CJK*  Huskie® HT-58 Series - *Requires F020735 Adapters 
  • Panduit® CD-2001 Series 


  • CJK (Kearney™) Dies for Type “O” tools
  • CJXPJ Nicopress connectors Connectors that require the X, P, or J tool grooves



  • CJB - One time disposable lock hasps 4 AWG Alumoweld, ACSR 1/0
  • Crimping Force 6-Tons (54 kN)
  • Length (with jaws) 18-1/2" (470 mm)
  • Width (head open) 4" (108 mm)
  • Weight (with jaws) 6.8 lbs. (3 kg)
  • Battery 18V 4.0 Ah Li-ion
  • Est. Cycles per Charge ~325
  • Crimp Cycle Time ~4 seconds Battery Charge Time 40 minutes

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