Stanley Hydraulic Tools CS06930 20" Hydraulic Chain Saw OC/CC, 20" Cut

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Part Number: 970687744
Mfg Part Number: CS06930
Brand: Stanley Hydraulic Tools

Offering the highest power-to-weight ratio of any chain saw on the market today, the CS05 and CS06 features an inter-locking trigger, hand guard, low kick-back bars and chains and no chain coasting when the trigger is released. The CS05 has a flow range of 4-6 gpm (15-23 lpm) while the CS06 has a flow range of 7-9 gpm (26-34 lpm) to suit varying hydraulic circuits. The CS05 and CS06 weights in at under 7 pounds but is capable of 8 to 10 horsepower of cutting power, producing almost 2x the power of a gas engine chain saw with half the weight.

Compared to conventional cutting equipment Stanley hydraulic cutting tools offer:

  • More work in less time
  • Longer tool life
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Increased safety
  • Highest power to weight ratio of any chain saw on the market
  • All models feature interlocking triggers, hand guards, low kick back bars and chains
  • No chain coasting when you release the trigger. Kickback is also reduced without the centrifugal force from the flywheel used on gas driven saws
  • Ideal for bucket truck use because of their wide range of fl ow and pressure requirements

CS05 Model

  • CS05610 Chain Saw-OC/CC-11in. Cut
  • CS05620 Chain Saw-OC/CC-15 in. Cut

CS06 Model

  • CS06610 Chain Saw-OC\CC-12 in. Cut
  • CS06620 Chain Saw-OC\CC-15 in. Cut
  • CS06630S Chain Saw-OC\CC-20 in. Cut - Railroad Dedicated Aero Quip

CS05 Model

Capacity (Cut Length): 12 & 15 in. 30 & 38 cm

Weight*: 6.25 lb 2.8 kg

Length*: 14 in. 36 cm

Width: 9 in. 23 cm

Pressure: 1500-2000 psi 105-140 bar

Flow Range: 4-6 gpm 15-23 lpm

Optimum Flow: 5 gpm 19 lpm


CS06 Model

Capacity: (Cut Length) 12,15, & 20 in. 30, 38, & 51 cm

Weight*: 6.25 lb 2.8 kg

Length*: 14 in. 36 cm

Width: 9 in. 23cm Pressure 1000-2000 psi 70-140 bar

Flow Range: 7-9 gpm 26-34 lpm

Optimum Flow: 8 gpm 30 lpm

Portin:g -8 SAE 0-ring Connect

Size & Type: 3/8 in. NPT Male Adapter Hose Whips No Motor Integral


* Without Bar

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