Reliable Equipment REL-10-I-SA Hydraulic Pump with Low Pressure Connectors, Mounted to Blue Bucket Holder

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Reliable Equipment REL-10-I-SA Hydraulic Pump with Low Pressure Connectors, Mounted to Blue Bucket Holder

Part Number: 970066557
Mfg Part Number: REL-10-I-SA
Brand: Reliable Equipment

The NEW REL-10-I-SA single acting control system provides a unique solution to your high pressure single acting tooling requirements.

This system combines the power of a high pressure intensifier with the simplicity of a fixed position three way control valve.

The intensifier/valve design allows return oil to bypass the intensifier and return directly to the tank (return) line, increasing tool speed and performance.

The REL-10-I-SA provides quick advance and retract for single acting spring return tools, without the need for additional hi gh pressure hoses, couplers or an in-line control valve.

  • High Pressure Coupler (Included)
  • Adjustable Mounting Brackets (Included)
  • UL-BCA - Mounting Bucket (Optional)
  • 200 PSI back pressure is the maximum agreed standard for the Hydraulic Tool Manufacturers Association (HTMA).
  • Maximum fluid temperature must not exceed 140 O F (60 O C) at the maximum expected ambient temperature. A sufficient oil cooling capacity is needed to limit the Maximum flow. Must not exceed 8 GPM. Install a flow meter in the return line to test the rate of flow in the system before working the tool.
  • Pressure relief valve must not exceed 2,200 PSI. The pressure relief valve must be located in the supply circuit between the pump and the intensifier to limit excessive pressure to the tool.



  • Hydraulic System: Open Or Closed Centert
  • Motor: Gear Driven
  • Operating Pressure: 1,400-2,000 Psit
  • Flow Range: 4-7 Gpmt
  • Optimum Opertating Pressure: 1,800 Psi @ 6 Gpm
  • Output - Fast Advance Mode: 305 In 3 /Mint
  • Output - High Pressure Mode: 30 In 3 /Mint
  • Relief Valve Setting: 4,000 - 10,000 Psit
  • High Pressure Port: 3/8 In Nptt
  • Inlet Port: 3/8 In Nptt
  • Return Port: 3/8 In Nptt

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