Hubbell Power Systems H478322 Structure Yoke (Tower Arm Yoke, 12,000 lb. Ma x imum Load, 42-1/2 lb.)

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Part Number: 970053456
Mfg Part Number: H478322
Brand: Hubbell Power Systems



The Tower Yoke fits over the tower arm, serving as a support for the Chance Strain Poles to relieve tension on the suspension insulator string through the "hot end" yoke and the conductor yoke plate.

The legs of the yoke are so designed that they can be adjusted to fit most tower structure configurations. Still, it is recommended that the design drawings of the tower arms be submitted to Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. with the Tower Yoke order for engineering evaluation to assure a proper fit. Swivel trunnions are 26" center to center.

Catalog No. Description Max. Load Weight
H478322 Tower Arm Yoke 12,000 lb. 42 1/2 lb./19.1 kg.


The H-Frame Crossarm Yoke is similar to the Tower Yoke in design and application. The two clamp bolts which secure the yoke to the double plank crossarms may be adjusted to three center-to-center positions (9", 11" and 13") to fit various arm sizes; vertical take-up on the crossarm is from 9" to 12". The swiveling trunnion brackets are located 26" center-tocenter. Longer braces are available on special order.

Catalog No. Description Max. Load Weight
C4000219 H-Frame Crossarm Yoke 12,000 lb. 41 lb./18.5 kg.


Designed for use on the arm of a steel pole, the Steel Arm Yoke mounts over a 3/4-inch-thick end plate as shown at left. Swivel castings in the end of the yoke assure proper alignment of the Chance Strain Poles to the conductor-end yoke. The load rating is dependent upon the angle of the end plate on the arm; 45° is maximum angle allowed with a maximum load of 9,000 pounds. In-line loading of the yoke permits a maximum load of 15,000 pounds. Bronze pins place the strain poles 21 inches apart, center-to-center. A lifting eye is cast into the top of the yoke for the purpose of landing the yoke upon the end plate of the pole arm.

Catalog No. Description Max. Load Weight
C4000445 Steel Arm Yoke 15,000 lb. 14 3/4 lb./6.6 kg.


The steel arm bracket is used with the C4000445 (steel arm yoke) where the steel arm is not equipped with an end plate. The bracket is made of heat treated aluminum and is complete with a wheel binder. The steel arm bracket serves the same purpose as an end plate to support the yoke assembly.

Catalog No. Description Max. Load Weight
T4000838 Steel Arm Bracket 15,000 lb. 15 lb./6.8 kg.

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