Utility Solutions USSG-012-ERSE Shotgun Stick 12.5' Length, Includes Extended Operating Rod & Universal Fitting on Base End

  • Media
$351.24 each


BLUE STRIPE® Shotgun Sticks1234<>Utility Solutions offers both internal rod and external rod fixed length shotgun sticks. BLUE STRIPE® Shotgun Sticks are manufactured from the highest electrical grade insulated fiberglass

Part Number: 970739372
Mfg Part Number: USSG-012-ERSE

 Some of the features include:

  • Replaceable hanger hooks.
  • Patented BLUE STRIPE® feature.  When the stripe is facing up, the stainless steel hook will open downward minimizing accidental drops.
  • Stainless steel  operating hook.
  • Multiple rod guides ensure smooth operation.
  • High performance closed cell foam prevents water absorption (external rod models).
  • Rubber Boot,  spline end, socket adapter or quick connect options available.

Standard model internal and external shotgun sticks utilize a full view side break hook (hook pivots in the horizontal plane in relation to the hook release trigger). Add the -BBH designation* to any internal rod shotgun stick to specify a bottom break hook (hook pivots in the vertical plane in relation to the hook release trigger).

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