DCD DESIGN & MANUFACTURING 00025-HEX DCD Design 00025-HEX Clevis Pin Set, 2 Pins 5/16" Hex, 1-3/8" Diameter Body

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All DCD Design clevis pins are manufactured from heat treated 416 stainless steel to provide superior strength and wear. Hardness is between 37-40 Rc.

Part Number: 970739420
Mfg Part Number: 00025-HEX
Brand: DCD Design & Manufacturing LTD

DCD Design 00025-HEX Hex Pin Kit For 1-3/8" Diameter Body

DCD Hex Pin Kit For 1-3/8" Dia Body

The DCD Clevis Pin is a shouldered type of pin rather than a simple straight pin without any head. This design greatly improves the strength of the clevis by not allowing side loads to spread the clevis opening. The clevis and pin are precision machined so that both surfaces contact simultaneously and therefore lock in place when screwed tight. Tensile loads are carried by the pin shoulder and transferred to the swivel body, and therefore no tensile load is carried by the thread. The hardened clevis pin also resists wear much better than conventional clevis pins. During operation there is a constant rubbing between the surface of the clevis pin and the attached item. A hard surface decreases the wear on the pin as well as increasing the strength of the pin. Finally, the larger diameter of the shoulder will decrease wear on the attached item. If this happened to be a wire rope, for example, a conventional pin would cause that rope to bend in a very tight radius, affecting the life of each strand. The larger DCD pins increase that radius and also increase the life of the wire. Products 1-1/4” diameter and less are supplied with slotted clevis pins; those greater than 1-1/4” are supplied with hexagon socket clevis pins. This is based on consumer preference. Either slotted or hexagon pins are available for most sizes but must be requested at time of ordering if not standard. Because the DCD clevis pin is a precision machined product specifically designed to fit the clevis, field substitution with any other pins is not recommended. Doing so may cause serious danger to operators and equipment and will immediately void any warranty or liability for the product. All clevis pin kits contain 2 pins.

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