Hubbell Power Systems C4000315 Transformer Gin - Chain-Binder Gin (5" Extended Base Chain Gin, 30 lb.)

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Part Number: 900040315
Mfg Part Number: C4000315
Brand: Hubbell Power Systems

Chain Binder Type Transformer Gins


A versatile tool for hoisting distribution transformers and apparatus up the structure. The standard base unit is for mounting on clear pole sections and the 5" extended base model allows mounting to bridge up to 4" x 5" crossarms. A wheel tightener and 36" chain is a part of each unit. Both models have 2000 pound maximum ratings, including hand pull force. With a single hoist line through a pulley on the gin and a sheave near the base of the structure, the lift load is 900 pounds (lift load plus the pull load equals the capacity). Using 4-4 blocks, the lift load can be 1,400 pounds. A swivelhook block should always be used in the eye of the gin, and a sheave or a capstan near the bottom of the structure should be used to thread the handline through. Gins are not intended for applications involving side pull on the hoist line, or with the lift load in a tagged out position. That is, the load line should be parallel to the gin pole. Pole length: 26 inches.

Catalog No. Description Weight
C4000090 Standard Base 15 lb./6.75 kg.
C4000315 5" Extended Base 30 lb./9 kg.

Swivel-Top Gin

Same application as Transformer Gin, but the top eye casting can be swiveled to bypass secondary lines when necessary. The cap is not intended to swivel while under load.

This gin has identical load ratings to gins above. It has a 48" Epoxiglas® mast and with two wheel tighteners and 36" chain units.

Catalog No. Description Weight
C4000440 5" Extended Base 37 lb./16.7 kg.

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