Hubbell M480517 - Auxiliary Arm Attachment ,1" Fork Wireholder, no Insulator

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Part Number: 900048051
Mfg Part Number: M480517
Brand: Hubbell Power Systems

Boom Mounted Auxiliary Arm

Square Mast

The 4" x 4" mast is fitted with a quick mounting assembly which attaches to booms from 5-7/8" x 7-3/8" to 12" x 12", both square and rectangular. The working end of the mast will accept several accessories such as an Epoxiglas® Auxiliary Arm, single lifting wire holder or a sheave for gin work.

The Auxiliary Arm may be swiveled to and locked into any desired position. The single lifting wire holder may also be swiveled to maintain conductor alignment.

The gin sheave will not swivel and is pinned stationary to keep the plane of the sheave in the vertical position at all times.

For use above 15kV, add M48057 insulator to each wireholder; see Page 4155.

Catalog No. Description Weight
C4000744 Mast Assy.,
10' Arm & Braces for Booms
5-7/8" x 7-3/8" to 12" x 12"
130 lb./58.5 kg.
C4000745 Mast Assembly without Arm 90 lb./41 kg.
C4000746 Rope Sheave Assembly 8 lb./ 3.6 kg.
C4000747 Single Wire Holder 13 lb./ 5.9 kg.
T4001658 Conductor Hook for 3" jib (Altec®) 3 lb./1.35 kg.
C4001469 9"-dia. Boom Adapter (Altec®) 40 lb./18 kg.
C4001877 8"-dia. Boom Adapter (Altec®) 40 lb./18 kg.

Max. Side load per Wireholder: 100 lb.

Max. Vertical Load per Wireholder C4000268:
Arm Length
With Braces
200 lb.

Mechanical Rating
Balanced Vertical Load
1000 lb.
Unbalanced Vertical Load
800 lb.

The Auxiliary Arm consists of a boom mast and arm of Epoxiglas® construction for mounting on an insulated boom such as the Pitman Polecat®. The arm is designed for use on light construction when handling multiple conductors. The two-legged mast can be mounted on square or rectangular shaped booms designed to handle 2,000 pounds or more. If boom units of lesser ratings are employed, the lifting and maneuvering application of this unit must be reduced accordingly.

Mechanical rating for a balanced vertical load is 1,000 pounds maximum or a limit of the boom arm in the position used, whichever is the least. The 10' arm, recommended for use with braces only, is rated at 200 pounds per conductor holder.

Chance C4000268 roller wireholders are used on the Boom Auxiliary Arm and Mast. Each wireholer is rated for 100 lb. max. side load.

Catalog No. Description Weight
H486310 10' Assembly
with braces
120 lb /
54.0 kg.
H48633 Bipod-Arm
clamp only
12 1/2 lb. /
5.6 kg.
H48634 Arm Brace
Assembly only
8 3/4 lb. /
3.9 kg.
H4863 4' Bipod Mast
only with boom clamps
64 lb. /
28.8 kg.
C4000351 2-1/2" x 10'
Horizontal Arm
13 lb. /
10.35 kg.



Auxiliary Arm Attachments

Fork type wireholders - with 1" or 1-1/2" opening, counter balanced latch which closes automatically behind the conductor to hold it in the wireholder. Complete with 2-1/2" pole clamp.

C-Type Wireholder - For rubber glove work, the Chance "C"-type Wireholder is suspended for a 2-1/2" diameter temporary crossarm above the conductor as a hook to receive the conductor after it is untied.

Roller Wireholder - Seven Delrin plastic rollers offer protection to conductors while raising the conductor above the work area. Accommodates conductors up to and including 1-1/2 inches in diameter. The gate is held closed by a springloaded latch which must be manually opened.

Insulators - Epoxy based, available as separate items or can be added to existing auxiliary arm wireholders to upgrade for 34.5 kV use.

Catalog No. Description Weight
E4000008P 1-1/2" Fork Wireholder, no Insulator 2 1/2 lb. / 1.1 kg.
M480515 1" Fork Wireholder, with Insulator 5 1/2 lb. / 2.5 kg.
M480517 1" Fork Wireholder, no Insulator 2 lb. / .9 kg.
M480516 C-Type Wireholder, no Insulator 2 1/2 lb. / 1.1 kg.
C4000690 Roller Wireholder, no Insulator 4 1/2 lb. / 2.0 kg.
C4000268 Roller Wireholder, no Insulator 4 1/2 lb. /

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