Hubbell Power Systems T4032271 Tester Volt Detector Mu/Range

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Hubbell Power T4032271 Multi-Range Analog Voltage Indicator Kit, 40kV

Part Number: 970072192
Mfg Part Number: T4032271
Brand: Hubbell Power Systems

Hubbell Power Systems T4032271 Multi Range Voltage Detector Kit 40 Kv (with scales of 0-5/15/25/40 kV) and  'TP' setting for Test Point on URD elbows. This kit includes an elbow adapter to complete test when not using a feed-thru bushing device.
  • Self-test button verifies operation
  • Optional illuminated dial for some UD models
  • 1-40kV range. Same as above with lighted dial and "TP" setting, but includes hook probe, straight probe, UD elbow probe and UD bushing adapter probe 
  • Clearly marked scale multipliers on range selector
  • Traditional analog   display provides status of system voltage to operator at a glance
  • To confirm lines de-energized prior to maintenance, this detector presents field practicality. Actually a field intensity meter, they are calibrated to read approximate line-to-line voltage when connected to any phase conductor. They respond to magnitude of field gradient between end probe and floating electrode (at universal hotstick-attachment fitting).
  • Capable of distinguishing actual line voltage from static or line feedover. The readings can be compared with numerical certainty rather than with the subjective judgment associated with audible and/or visual light indicators. Since these instruments are not voltmeters, no specific accuracy is claimed by manufacturer or can be assumed by the user. For use primarily as a quick-check safety device.
  • This model adapts to both overhead lines as well as URD circuits with 200 and 600 Amp loadbreak elbows, including those with and without capacitance test-points. Interchangeable probes and adapters just thread into the MRVD end fitting and the selector switch dials to the voltage range or test point (T.P.) setting appropriate to each application. See the complete selection of HOTSTICKS from Mitchell Instrument Co.

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