C903325H Vision FLX Fault Finder/Cable Locator with Coil Clamp

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C903325H Vision FLX Fault Finder/Cable Locator with Coil Clamp

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Part Number: 970700275
Mfg Part Number: C903325H

The Vision FLX2 by McLaughlin combines a state of art fault location system with a cable locator proven to be consistently accurate and dependable. The Vision FLX offers cable tracing with depth estimate and pinpoints ground return faults on electric, CATV and telecommunications with one instrument.
  • VISION FLX2 pinpoints low and high resistant ground return faults quickly and accurately without de-energizing or locating the cable. Positive directional arrows lead operator to fault points quickly, eliminates false positives and speeds location of true faults.
  • Calibrated Reference Value distinguishes between low and high reistance faults on cables with multiple faults. Prevents digging up splice points. 400 Volt peak-to-peak finds high resistance faults up to 2 MegOhms.
  • Live power capable. Protected to 250 incoming volts in both fault finding and cable location. Transmitter warns operator audibly when connected to live power of greater than 20 Volts. Transmitter LCD provides quantitative value and graphical display to determine the magnitude of the fault.
  • Receiver automatically recognizes the A-frame, Coil Clamp, and Direct Connection Cables when they are plugged in. The A-frame is powder coated steel and contains no circuit boards that can be damaged over time or through outside use in the elements.
  • Allows fiber optic tracing with 512Hz call-up signal. Can locate any manufacturer's 512Hz sewer camera.
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