Federal Signal LPX61Z-00007 Legend LPX Lightbar 61" Legend Lightbar, 26 Amber LED Heads, 6 Mount controller

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$566.82 each


This low-profile lightbar is fully populated with powerful LEDs and combined with the Solaris® LED reflector technology to provide 360-degrees of coverage and excellent off-axis light output.

Part Number: 970692157
Mfg Part Number: LPX61Z-00007
Brand: Federal Signal Corp.

New Legend LPX Series offers many of the same premium features found on high-end lightbars at a surprisingly moderate cost. The low-profile LPX Series is the latest addition to the highly respected Legend lightbar line, and employs powerful LEDs in tandem with Federal Signal’s exclusive Solaris® reflector technology to supply 360-degrees of coverage plus superior off-axis light output. ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry™) technology ensures optimum reliability by eliminating 85% of the failure points common to conventional lightbar designs. Ruggedly built to withstand the most punishing conditions, these solidstate lightbars are engineered to supply extended service life with fewer repairs. That’s why the LPX Series carries Federal Signal’s five-year warranty on LEDs. The LPX Series showcases many of the same features typically found on lightbars costing substantially more. This includes LED alley and takedown lights, front and rear light cut-off control, and a dimming feature to reduce light output when the Vehicle is stationary. In addition to providing Flash patterns and controller options as standard Legend lightbars, LPX models also feature Federal Signal’s patented Convergence Network for “plug-and-play” programming to facilitate faster, easier installation and maintenance. It’s your call: 45-, 53- and 61-inch lengths...amber, blue, red, green and white LEDs...amber, blue, clear and red top domes. Legend LPX delivers a host of options such as a built-in SignalMaster™ directional warning control, Ultra-bright white takedown lights and either a three- or six-button serial controller for variable light control.
    • Solaris® LED Reflector Technology
    • ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry™) technology
    • FS Convergence Network for “plug-and play” installation
    • All-LED lightbar – LED Alleys and LED Takedowns available
    • LED colors available in Amber, Blue, Red, Green, or White
    • Top dome covers available in Amber, Blue, Red or Clear
    • Available in 45-inch, 53-inch, and 61-inch lengths
    • Optional built-in SignalMaster, front/rear cut-off, intersection warning, and “dimming” functions
    • Same Flash patterns and controller options as standard Legend lightbars
    • Five-year LED warranty
Solaris®LED and ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry™) Technology; 6 button controller included, with illuminated push-button Switches with (9 ) preprogrammed key pad configureations. Plug and Play installation;
Other Features Or Benefits 1 Solaris®LED and ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry?) Technology
Length 60.9
Voltage 12 VDC
Mount Flat
Warranty Yrs 5
Height 2.5
Amp Draw At 12 Vdc 26
Spec Class 1
Other Features Or Benefits 2 6 button controller included, with illuminated push-button switches with (9 ) preprogrammed key pad configureations. Plug and Play installation
Of Flash Patterns 26
Width 11.2
Weight 28

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