Golight 20074 Remote Controlled LED Spotlight 7.25" H 12V DC 3.00 AMPS AVG White Dual Wireless Remotes, One Hand Held, One Dash Mounted

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Golight 20074 Remote Controlled LED Spotlight 7.25" H 12V DC 3.00 AMPS AVG White Dual Wireless Remotes, One Hand Held, One Dash Mounted

Part Number: 970585973
Mfg Part Number: 20074
Brand: Golight Inc.

20074 go light dual wireless remote, LED spotlight - 900' beam - white - perm base - 2520 lumens. The gl-9007 (20074) go light radio ray from Larson Electronics is a 36 watt LED motorized spotlight that Operates with dual handheld and dash wireless remote controls. This particular 0604PPEW1XG is available in white and is permanently mounted. It produces a wide spot beam with an effective working beam of 900 feet long by 70 feet wide. The gl-9007 (20074) go light radio ray is designed for use in all weather conditions and produces 2,500 lumen of intense light output. These units feature remote control operation that allows users to rotate the light 370 degrees with a hard stop and to adjust vertical tilt through 135 degrees. Remote operation is provided by dual wireless remote controllers that Operates over a radio frequency of 433 mhz. This spotlight includes one handheld wireless remote and one dash mount wireless remote. These remotes includes an internal 12 volt battery rated at 1 year of operation and a single red LED to indicate remote control activity. Each remote controller has a range of up to 100 feet and will operate through walls, within structures, and in vehicles. The remotes are constructed of polycarbonate with rubber push pad buttons for weatherproof durability and can be user programmed to operate one or several lights simultaneously. Remote operation: hand held remote: remote control functions include on/off, and 4 buttons which control up, down, left and right movement. The light will continue movement as long as the buttons are pressed. Releasing the buttons stops movement and holds the go light in position. A fast and slow mode button (turtle/hare) controls the speed of the motor while the PAN and tilt function buttons are depressed. Holding the button for 12 seconds in fast mode results in a full 370 degree rotation, and 8 seconds for full tilt. Slow mode is used for pinpoint accuracy at distance and is approximately 35 seconds.

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