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HARNESS & LANYARD KIT;;;;;;;; Nylon Harnesses Strong, dependable, nylon body harness provides personal safety to workers in aerial applications. The harness is used to arrest accidental falls, and aids in work positioning, retrieval and repelling applications. *** Basic harness with shoulder strap attachment fits most sizes *** Adjustment slide buckle on each vertical shoulder strap assures excellent fit *** Easy-to-adjust Velcro Chest Strap *** Interlocking buckles on leg strap attachment *** Fall arrest attachment features: a strong nylon web loop or a heavy duty D-ring (CSA approved) Important: Nylon loop in center of harness back must be connected to lanyards by using a nylon loop on one end of the lanyard or a carabiner. Nylon loop connection is made by using a half hitch, as shown in the illustration. Lanyard with Built-In Shock Absorber This durable high quality lanyard provides a high level of security to workers in aerial applications. A built-in shock absorber features an elastic stretch feature that allows the user to have automatic adjustability with less than 7 lbs. of pull to the users attachment point. *** Lanyard***s interior elastic material stretches easily when force is applied *** Stretch feature allows for 28` of adjustability *** When the elastic material reaches its full length during a fall, the shock absorbing packet will deploy to reduce the arresting force to less than 900 lbs. *** When contracted by 18`, the lanyard prevents tripping during normal use *** Snap hook on each end (CSA approved)Meets standard CSA-Z259.12 / C225-10

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