DBI Sala Cynch-Lok Pole Climbing Device (For Transmission Poles Up To 30.5" Dia. (77Cm), 96" Circ. (244Cm))

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Fall Restriction Device With Rope Lanyard For Transmission Poles Up To 30.5" Dia. (77cm), 96" Circ. (244cm).

Part Number: 970277098
Mfg Part Number: 1204058

  • Cynch-Lok™ was developed with help from real pole climbers and features effortless adjustment and “cynches” around the pole during a “cut-out.” Cynch-Lok™ meets CSA Z259.14 standards for Type A and AB (dry, wet and icy poles) and ASTM F887. Cynch-Lok™ allows you to easily hitch-hike poles (move or jump the strap upwards) with a hand position that’s comfortable. It also moves past obstacles without difficulty. Exterior straps can easily be swapped out in the field depending on pole size, eliminating the need for multiple systems.Lightweight pole climbing design
  • Allows user to easily hitch-hike poles (move or jump the strap upwards) and move past obstacles without difficulty.
  • For transmission pole sizes 5.5" dia./17.5" circ. (14/45cm) minimum, 30.5" dia./96" circ. (77.5/244cm) maximum.
  • Large range allows the user to attach to a variety of different sized poles without exchanging straps - a smaller distribution pole strap is available.
  • Extremely durable pole strap with wear indicator
  • A neoprene impregnated nylon strap is highly abrasion resistant for added longevity and an indicating core will alert the user if the device is worn enough to replace.
  • One-handed effortless adjustment
  • The exterior strap has a simple slide into place roller adjustment allowing user to adjust to the pole's diameter during a climb with one hand.
  • Pinch-free ergonomic grips
  • Strap ends give you a comfortable gripping location, away from potential pinch hazards - user can use a standard hitch-hiking motion without substantial effort.
  • Stopping cleat and carabiner
  • Specially designed cleated plate and carabiner help restrict a fall during a cut-out by gripping the pole when the strap itself "cynches."
  • Durable kernmantle rope with wear indicator
  • Double braided rope with a Technora® core is cut and fire resistant, yields a high strength, and includes an indicating core that will alert the user if the device is worn enough to replace.
  • Abrasion resistant sleeve
  • A mobile protective sleeve helps prevent abrasion of the interior rope, prolonging product life.
  • Lightweight and durable rope adjuster
  • Easy to use torsion spring for greater strength and enhanced mobility, allows user to position comfortably on the pole.
  • Modular design with field replaceable straps
  • The exterior portion of the strap can be exchanged for different lengths, depending on the type and size of pole you're climbing eliminating the need for multiple systems.
  • Protected labels, equipped with i-Safe™
  • A Velcro® cover protects lanyard labels and holds an i-Safe™ identification tag for recording and storing information on inspections.

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