Hubbell Power Systems C4060046 Insulator Cover

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$540.56 each


Designed to help protect lineman while working closeto energized conductors. Rated phase-to-phase for voltages through 46 kV. Can be easily installed with a Grip-All clampstick.

Part Number: 970336937
Mfg Part Number: C4060046
Brand: Hubbell Power Systems

Hubbell - 46 kV Phase-to-Phase Insulator Cover - C4060046

Style - With Clampstick Adapter

Capacity - Insulators through 10-1/2" diameter

Overall Length - 22" to 34" 

11 lbs.

Features & Applications

  • These covers are made of high-dielectric polyethylene.
  • The wax-like surface provides a natural self-cleaning action and resists the effects of greases and other contaminants.
  • The bright-orange color gives a visible warning to those who are working close to the equipment.
  • Designed to help protect lineman while working close to energized conductors
  • Rated phase-to-phase for voltages through 46 kV
  • Can be easily installed with a Grip-All clampstick
  • Clips on and covers conductors up to 13/4” in diameter 
  • A positive air gap is maintained by a special hanger system inside the cover
  • Conductor is locked in the hanger by a swinging latch that can be opened and closed with a hot stick
  • Insulator cover is designed to be used in conjunction with two conductor covers on insulators above 13 kV
  • Fits over insulator and locks with a conductor cover on each end
  • Polypropylene rope swings under the crossarm and hooks with a clampstick
  • Helps to prevent insulator cover from dislodging due to bumping or wind gusts

Test Data

  • Tested to ASTM F712
  • Electrical: Tests using conductor covers in conjunction with insulator covers provided 46kV phase-to-phase protection for normal working conditions
  • Temperature: Will not soften or deform at 170° F. Will not become brittle at -50° F



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