R&B Manufacturing 10AC 10 Degree Inclinometer

  • Media
$29.99 each


Part Number: 970224597
Brand: R&B Manufacturing

  • MODEL 10AC is a basic inclinometer, and is designed for extreme environment.
  • 10 DEGREE
  • 6" X 1"  
  • Large tube and numbers
R&B Manufacturing's inclinometers may be modified and/or customized in many ways. The most common analog, or manual ball and tube inclinometers are very basic versions from most slope meter manufacturers.
We can customize our basic inclinometer models in several ways, to better fit your specific needs. First, we can add a color background behind the glass tube, so when the ball reaches a certain zone, the background color indicates the tilt is in a critical location. 2, and 3 colors may be added to the background. Another option is to paint the numbers on the face in white, yellow "to show caution", and "red to show danger" points of tilt.
?We have a slope indicator to fit your unique needs
We also offer special labeling that can be applied to the face of the inclinometer, which can use any text you choose, to state a warning. Example: (CAUTION: DO NOT EXCEED 15 DEGREE TILT). We offer labeling in black with white text, or yellow with black text. Labeling may also carry your company name, phone number, etc. Sometimes, the use of an inclinometer for a certain type of equipment is not possible, because a mounting surface is not available.
We are the only inclinometer manufacturer that offers several mounting options. The standard double sided tape is one option. We also make a mounting bracket to fit most of our tiltmeters. Our custom bracket allows the user to mount an inclinometer or tiltmeter on a vertical, horizontal, or uneven surface. Bolt mount is another option.
The environment a slope indicator may be used in can dictate whether certain inclinometers will fit certain needs. We offer different temperature ranges for many of our models, as well as thinner or thicker dampening oils, to allow for faster, or slower response to tilt changes by the indicator ball. If you do not see a model that you need, please give us a call. We do in house design, starting with drawings, to a mold for your part, to a finished product.
Please call 1-877-GO ALTEC (1-877-462-5832) for additional information on R&B Manufacturing's inclinometers.

Need Help? Please contact us at 1-877-GO ALTEC, Option 1.

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