Hubbell Power Systems S11273 Cable Copper 2/0 25 kV Orange Jacket

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$22.50 per feet


Features insulation/jacket combination resistant to abrasion, oil, heat,moisture and ozone.

Part Number: 970040518
Mfg Part Number: S11273
Brand: Hubbell Power Systems

  • Extremely flexible even at low temperatures
  • Features insulation/jacket combination resistant to abrasion, oil, heat, moisture and ozone
  • Orange/Red color of mold-cured ethylene-propylene-base coating imparts high visibility
  • AWG size and voltage rating are embossed at 4-foot intervals for easy identification
  • For extended service life, an extruded screen interfaces insulation and conductor
  • This strand screen improves voltage-stress control by adding dielectric strength and eliminating internal corona
  • Insulation and conductor screen meet and exceed ICEA-NEMA standard S-68-516
  • For easy handling in adverse conditions, conductors are extra flexible alloy-coated copper-stranded rope per ASTM B-189 or B-33
  • Ampacity ratings are based on 90°C conductor temperature at 40°C ambient
  • Cable - 25kV
  • Size - 2/0
  • Stranding - 266
  • Approx. Cond. Diameter - 0.450"
  • Approx. Cable O.D. - 1.160"
  • Approx. Ampacity Rating - 300 amps
  • Weight per 1000 ft. - 913 lbs.

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