HASTINGS Electrical Instruments Hastings Regulator Neutral Detector REGULATOR NEUTRAL DETECTOR;

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$1,043.99 each


Part Number: 970067625
Mfg Part Number: 6709-1
Brand: Hastings Fiber Glass Products Inc.

  • The RND insures that the operator has the regulator in its neutral position prior to disconnecting the regulator from the circuit
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  • Use of the RND eliminates high or low voltages caused by cycling the regulator to the upper or lower limits, then counting steps back to neutral
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  • Works with step type and induction type regulators
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  • 0 - 2000 volt range is shown in one volt increments
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  • Works with all regulators up to and including 34.5KV systems
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  • No range selector is required
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  • Digital display with 1/2" tall LCD digits for easy viewing
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  • Lighted meter can be switched on by the operator
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  • 9 volt battery included
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  • Low battery indicator
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  • RND verifies the step indicator has not slipped one step
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  • A female universal spline allows unit to be attached to all universal hot sticks
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  • Contact electrodes are knurled to aid in contact with conductors

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