Wright Tool 9M717 3/4" x 36" Gooseneck Wrecking Bar

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Wright Tool 9M717 3/4" x 36" Gooseneck Wrecking Bar

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Part Number: 970223115
Mfg Part Number: 9M717
Brand: Wright Tool Company

?Wright Tool 9M717 3/4" x 36" Gooseneck Wrecking Bar


  • Users and bystanders must wear safety goggles
  • To avoid possible eye injury from flying objects, safety goggles or equivalent protection conforming to ANSI Z87.1 shall be worn and kept clean by the user and all persons in the immediate area where any tool is being used
  • Comfort or plastic grips on handles are not intended to give any degree of protection against electric shock and shall not be used on or near live electric circuits
  • Metal cutting chisels are special purpose tools designed and intended for the cutting, shaping, and removal of metal softer than the cutting edge of the chisel. To avoid possible bodily injury, chisels must not be used on objects as hard as or harder than the chisel cutting edge. Do not use chisels on stone or concrete
  • When using chisels, the cutting edge must be pointed away from the user and any bystanders. Keep hands away from the cutting edge
  • Chisels and punches must not be used for prying or wedging, and no surface of the punch or chisel can be struck other than the struck face
  • When striking a punch or chisel, the striking face of the proper hammer must have a diameter at least 3/8" larger than the struck face of the chisel or punch. A hammer blow must be struck squarely with the hammer face parallel with the struck face of the chisel or punch. Avoid glancing blows
  • Chisels, punches, and pry bars shall be inspected before each use and their use discontinued at the first sign of excessive wear, chipping, cracking, bending or mushrooming of any surfaces
  • Never use a chisel or punch with a mushroomed struck face, a bent stem, or a chipped, dull or deformed cutting edge or point
  • Never hammer a pry bar or use a pry bar as a hammer
  • No area, section, or portion of a chisel, punch, or pry bar shall be ground, welded, reheated, or otherwise altered from its original shape
  • Users shall apply a controlled force with a stance adjusted and braced to prevent rapid bodily movement or a fall if sudden release occurs. Users need to take extra care when using pry bars to avoid bar slippage. Users must also avoid bodily strain when using pry bars
  • The point end diameter of the starter punch or pin punch must approximate the size of the work piece
  • Pin punches must not be used as a starting (solid) punch
  • Drift or lining punches are special purpose tools intended for aligning and sizing holes and must not be used for driving metal or other hard objects
  • Size - 3/4"
  • Length - 36"

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