Rauckman Utility Products R-34-25SC Stinger Cover Coil (3/4" Inside Diameter, 25' Coil Length)

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Rauckman Utility R-34-25SC 100' Stinger Cover Coil

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Part Number: 900050130
Mfg Part Number: R-34-25SC
Brand: Rauckman Utility Products LLC

R-34-25SC 100' Stinger Cover Coil


RUP Stinger Covers are designed to increase system reliability by reducing wildlife related outages. 

  • Distribution equipment failures caused by wildlife and incidental vegetation contact can be minimized by the use of RUP Stinger Covers. 
  • Stinger Covers are track resistant and made from a silicone enriched elastomer specially formulated for the rigorous requirements of the electric utility industry. 
  • RUP Stinger Covers are offered in 3 diameters, each available in a variety of lengths. All sizes are pre-slit with a generous material overlap. The overlapping lip is created using a unique manufacturing process that provides material memory while preserving flexibility.


  • RUP Stinger Covers are molded with an overlapping lip so that no field slitting is required. These covers may be cut-to-length in the field. Many utilities purchase the Stinger Cover in coils and cut as needed while others buy the Stinger Covers pre-cut to a predetermined length in order to speed installation. 
  • Installing Stinger Cover to avoid incidental or “brush” contact by vegetation is another useful application. All Stinger Covers should be selected to completely encase the conductor allowing the overlapping lip to relax to its original position.

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